CSS Interaction Triggers

Configured by targeting a CSS Selector on the website, Peachtree Analytics Interaction triggers report top CSS events from your website to the Google Product suite. This selector type allows you track simple CSS elements like clicks-to-call, contact form completions, and other simple selector elements!

Pageview Interaction Triggers

The Peachtree Analytics Pageview Interaction Triggers allow you to track E-Commerce sales and /thank-you page form completions. Sometimes, your website provider will not allow CSS selector tracking on your checkout pages. Pageview triggers allow you to use the site’s after conversion pages to fire Peachtree goals.

Manually Tracked Interaction Triggers

The Peachtree Analytics Interactions Per User Report is a combined statistic primarily used for very accurately tracking E-Commerce revenue per interaction. This allows you to take a deeper look at your paid and unpaid traffic patterns, and how much revenue you are driving per interaction, instead of per click!