Create A New User in Peachtree Analytics

Create A New User in Peachtree Analytics

Create A New User in Peachtree Analytics 150 150 Johnathan McGuire


Depending on the size of your team, you may need to provide additional access to Peachtree Analytics for more users. Below follow the steps for adding a new user on to your account!

1. Sign in to Peachtree Analytics Application.

The first step to setting up new users is logging in to your Peachtree Analytics account. Once you have logged in, click on the Users tab on the main peachtree dashboard.

2. Create a New User.

Once you are on the Users tab, click the create user button. This will open the Create User Interface. Please Note: The plan each individual user is on DOES NOT impact your pricing plan. Plan hierarchy is determined by the agency owners account.

3. Fill Out Create User Interface Details.

A. Name: The first and last name of the new user.

B. Email Address: The email address the new user will use to login to Peachtree Analytics.

C. Password: The password for the new user’s account login.

D. Plan: The account plan this user is on. Default plan level is starter.

E: Role: This determines user’s access to Peachtree. By default, all user accounts are customers.

F. Agency: This field allows you to attach the new user to your agency account.

4. Press Save and your done!

Once you press save, your new user account in Peachtree Analytics will be created!