Introducing Peachtree Analytics

The Ultimate Conversion tracking platform

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Get unlimited client campaigns and conversion triggers & lock in a subscription price of $79/month for life.
Normally $199/month

Peachtree Analytics helps you measure conversions on anything that can be clicked. Are you frustrated with Google Tag Manager? Peachtree Analytics is everything GTM is not. Easily manage all of your client campaigns with one simple dashboard that ties seamlessly into Google Analytics. Increase your revenue by measuring every possible conversion. You’ll get features like:


  • AI learning that automatically discovers conversion triggers based on user behavior
  • One-click goal deployment to Google Analytics and Google Ads
  • Smart learning mode for finding common important goals
  • Completely anonymous site interaction tracking
  • Full attribution cycle conversion interaction reporting
  • Built-in metrics reporting


With Peachtree Analytics, you can easily track goals for all of your client campaigns with one fast and simple interface.

The Peachtree Pro plan offers

  • 20K Events Included
  • 25 Website Licenses
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Ads Integration
  • Phonewagon Integration
  • Smart Goal Learning Mode
  • Professional Goal Setup Assistance