Top 20 Events Report

The Peachtree Analytics Top 20 Events Report Combines Together a snapshot of your clients Website. This includes: CSS Interactions, Page Referrers, Interaction Pages, Conversion Triggers, and Page Views!

Website Referrals Report

The Peachtree Analytics Website Referrals Report provides a snapshot of where your site’s visitors originated from. Using Browser level tracking, this report gives you a good snapshot of all your site visitors originating channel. This report can also give you a good idea of how the site users are navigating via the site’s internal linking.

Interactions Per User By Channel Report

The Peachtree Analytics Interactions Per User Report is a combined statistic primarily used for very accurately tracking E-Commerce revenue per interaction. This allows you to take a deeper look at your paid and unpaid traffic patterns, and how much revenue you are driving per interaction, instead of per click!

Top Interactive Pages Report

The Peachtree Analytics Top Interaction Pages report helps summarize which pages on your site are receiving calls, contact from completions, and site interactions. This report combines this information all into one simple to view graph.

Conversions By User Report

The Peachtree Analytics Conversion By User Report allows you to view every conversion interaction by the user that completed it! This report will send you each user as the header including all their site interactions prior to converting!

Top CSS Interactions Report

The Peachtree Analytics Top CSS Interactions report exports all the CSS interactions on your website over a specific time period. This allows you to quickly find the most active pages and CSS interactions on your site.